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Thijs Reuten (PvdA) ma 6 feb 2023, 23:49

Also read this article👇🏼on the absurdity of what is going on in Hong Kong. #FreeHongKong47 #FreeHongKong 🇭🇰…

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Thijs Reuten (PvdA) ma 6 feb 2023, 23:49

Outrageous. Today, China’s regime in 🇭🇰 Hong Kong put democracy itself on trial.

47 brave activists, who make up much of Hong Kong’s democratic leadership, face up to life in prison. On complete bogus charges.

Standing up to totalitarianism is not a crime. It’s heroism.


Thijs Reuten (PvdA) za 29 okt 2022, 19:25

Erg onder de indruk van de film The Hong Konger over #JimmyLai en de in recordtijd afgebroken persvrijheid democratie in 🇭🇰 Dank voor het mooie en inspirerende gesprek @lokmantsui en @samuelmchu

@DeBalie #FreeHongKong #FreeJimmyLai

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Netherlands for Hong Kong vr 16 sep 2022, 19:42

Screening of #TheHongKonger @DeBalie on Oct29 - story of #JimmyLai media tycoon who founded #appledaily and champion of the #HongKong
movement against CCP, panel discussion with @samuelmchu and @thijsreuten after movie…


Thijs Reuten (PvdA) di 30 aug 2022, 09:59

Watch my previous plenary contribution on curbing civil rights and destroying 🇭🇰 democracy, Beijings long arm and the large scale Chinese human rights violations #UyghurGenocide #FreeUyghurs #FreeHongKong 6/6

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Thijs Reuten (PvdA) di 30 aug 2022, 09:44

The Chinese government does not need any help and certainly not from UN institutions and officials to cover up their genocidal crimes against the #uyghurs They have their own methods to spread lies and disinformation /5

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