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Hans van Baalen (VVD) di 15 mei 2018, 19:21

Separatist & racist rhetoric of new Catalan President #TorraPresident continues to be in firm contradiction with Spanish constitution but also the will of the majority of Catalan people. It’s time for dialogue and conciliation and not for further provocation and confrontation! pic.twitter.com/r6DTBGLwQS


Hans van Baalen (VVD) zo 6 mei 2018, 13:37

On Friday the LibDems gained control of Richmond and held control in three other London Councils. In total 41 additional councillors. That’s 15% up! Great news for liberalism in the UK and beyond! Congratulations! twitter.com/libdems/status…


Hans van Baalen (VVD) ma 30 apr 2018, 22:06

Thanks Colleague in ALDE Party Bureau VP Ilhan Kyuchyuk for the good work in Sofia en beyond. Thanks Valentin Tonchev and Adrian Vazquez for your strong support! twitter.com/adrianvl1982/s…


Hans van Baalen (VVD) ma 30 apr 2018, 21:53

Thank you Mustafa Karadayi and MRF for hosting the #ALDEcouncil in Sofia which is not only the capital of the Bulgarian EU Presidency but was this weekend the capital of international and European Liberalism! pic.twitter.com/ZYJSKFYETc


Hans van Baalen (VVD) do 26 apr 2018, 10:00

With Ukrainian Finance Minister Oleksandr Danyliuk we discussed Macro Financial Assistance. A politically stable, financially sound and economically upbeat #Ukraine is in the interest of both the EU and Ukraine! 🇪🇺🇺🇦 pic.twitter.com/tb1VD6qcv9


Hans van Baalen (VVD) wo 25 apr 2018, 12:27

Macedonian deputy ambassador to the EU Vlatko Stankovski and I discussed the EU Western Balkans accession strategy and the position of Macedonia ahead of the ALDE Party Council in Sofia coming weekend. #ALDEcouncil pic.twitter.com/rqNaO7bCMk


Hans van Baalen (VVD) wo 25 apr 2018, 11:29

Opening the Andorra exibition at the European Parliament with Foreign Minister Maria Ubach Font: Andorra is in size maybe a small country but the Andorrans form a grand nation with a grand past and a bright future! pic.twitter.com/x3on1zd47C


Hans van Baalen (VVD) di 24 apr 2018, 06:26

Sir Nick Clegg spoke at the Annual Conference of the Dutch Group of Liberal International and VVD EP 2019 Election Manifesto Committee in The Hague: “Britain is a European nation, even #Brexit can not change that!” 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇳🇱 pic.twitter.com/L3dITDn17f


Hans van Baalen (VVD) za 21 apr 2018, 14:35

Participating at the ELF/ALDE Expert Forum in The Hague on the future EU budget: priorities are needed. We need innovation instead of protecting 19th century economic heritage! #aldemanifesto pic.twitter.com/aLgGKNcJ9q


Hans van Baalen (VVD) za 21 apr 2018, 12:03

This week I met with famous Dutch songwriter Eric van Tijn at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and discussed intellectual property and internet platforms such as #Facebook pic.twitter.com/6raGgN1JCq


Hans van Baalen (VVD) za 21 apr 2018, 00:44

Interesting and cordial meeting in Verona with ECR Party Chair Jan Zahradil MEP (left), Conservative Lord Martin Callanan (centre) on Brexit, Security and Russia. Also met with MPs from mayor Italian political parties. Thank you Alberto Zilio of AT&T for making this possible. pic.twitter.com/gW0CBxsQxW


Hans van Baalen (VVD) do 19 apr 2018, 20:46

In Strasbourg in chaired the EP-South Africa delegation composed of members of South African Parliament and EP. To my left co-chair MP Joan Fubbs (ANC). To my right (ALDE and LI partner) Democratic Alliance MP Anchen Dreyer who replaced Gordon Mackay who has become SecGen LI. pic.twitter.com/xl7kuNid9z


Hans van Baalen (VVD) di 17 apr 2018, 11:06

French President Emmanuel Macron addressing the European Parliament this morning : “We have to reform now! No time to loose!” For me as ALDE Party President this means there should be direct ALDE - En Marche confidence building measures now! pic.twitter.com/dZER0Xf1BU


Hans van Baalen (VVD) vr 13 apr 2018, 21:04

This week I met Israeli Ambassador to the EU, Ronny Leshno - Yaar on Gaza, Israel - Palestinians and Middle East: Israel is a strong partner of Europe. It would even be stronger if an Israeli - Palestinian peace deal could be reached! pic.twitter.com/EWHndlfBA6


Hans van Baalen (VVD) do 12 apr 2018, 21:47

With Ralf Froehlich of the FDP Liberal Gay & Lesbian Network. We are both fans of my EP colleague Cecilia Wikström, fighting for equality! pic.twitter.com/mnKSeeRrPH


Hans van Baalen (VVD) do 12 apr 2018, 18:13

Discussed with Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Bujar Osmani, the road to EU and NATO membership. Macedonia is ready to make an honourable deal on the name issue. pic.twitter.com/zlSQ5XkKDj


Hans van Baalen (VVD) do 12 apr 2018, 14:56

Meeting with Inés Arrimadas, leader of @Ciudadanos in the Catalan Regional Parliament, and EP colleague Javier Nart on EU developments, En Marche, Spain, incl. Catalonia. 2019 should be the start of a stronger liberal and democratic Europe! pic.twitter.com/NIGsm1puFd


Hans van Baalen (VVD) do 12 apr 2018, 13:31

Earlier this week David Bakradze MP (right) and his team of European Georgia Party visted me at the European Parliament to discuss strengthening democracy in Georgia. pic.twitter.com/Owspz20XKV


Hans van Baalen (VVD) wo 11 apr 2018, 15:53

Opening the ALDE Western Balkan Roundtable with my EP colleagues Ivo Vajgl (right) and Ivan Jakovčić left). The Western Balkans should never become a European “Bermuda Triangle”! pic.twitter.com/4T7zO5keKp


Hans van Baalen (VVD) di 10 apr 2018, 17:05

I delivered a speech in Den Bosch today on the upcoming EP elections at the Thomas More Society & Benelux University Centre. The Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg Union (BENELUX) was an inspiration to further European integration and is still a front-runner today! pic.twitter.com/cshvGr4iOo


Hans van Baalen (VVD) ma 9 apr 2018, 17:01

Today I met former Georgian President Mikheil Saakasjvili on the situation in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Russia. There is no ‘Near Abroad’! pic.twitter.com/Np9W7EcKvH


Hans van Baalen (VVD) ma 9 apr 2018, 14:34

#Orban's Fidesz won an absolute majority in an illiberal political climate in #Hungary 🇭🇺 However, true liberal & democratic forces like @MLPLiberalisok and @momentumhu will carry on their democratic and peaceful fight. You have our full support ✊ >> goo.gl/hpT3Hf pic.twitter.com/fZhYA1xqLQ


Hans van Baalen (VVD) do 5 apr 2018, 15:55

Visited the @OPCW in The Hague in the middle of the discussions on the #Skripal case between Russia and the UK and its partners. pic.twitter.com/2OWixmuI46


Hans van Baalen (VVD) di 3 apr 2018, 22:28

Saying farewell to Eduard Slootweg, Representative of the @EPinNL in The Hague. Liaison between the European Parliament, Member States and National Parliaments is essential for a strong EU! 🇪🇺🇳🇱 pic.twitter.com/OuJVAp969c


Hans van Baalen (VVD) wo 28 mrt 2018, 20:29

At the Dutch Parliament I met Vlado Mirosevic MP, the young and dynamic leader of the Partido Liberal de Chile: we want to strengthen EU - Latin American cooperation! pic.twitter.com/CDqaj0w349


Hans van Baalen (VVD) wo 28 mrt 2018, 10:11

Productive and cordial meeting with En Marche Party Chair Christophe Castaner in Paris and ALDE colleague Jean Arthuis MEP: strong ALDE -En Marche association in 2019 European Parliament is vital for Europe and its Member States! pic.twitter.com/AIbQ2rS1xo


Hans van Baalen (VVD) di 27 mrt 2018, 17:08

ALDE Party Vice President Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP (left) and I met Sulejman Gjana of the Legality Party of Albania on co-operation for the benefit of Albania, the Western Balkans and EU. Stability, the rule of law and democracy are key! pic.twitter.com/HfhyfyNUv7


Hans van Baalen (VVD) ma 26 mrt 2018, 17:32

With my fellow MEP Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy (D66) and our hosts Anne Mulder (VVD) and Kees Verhoeven (D66) MP’s in the Dutch Second Chamber of Parliament for a debate on the State of the EU. 🇳🇱🇪🇺 pic.twitter.com/e5xyVAgWTW


Hans van Baalen (VVD) ma 26 mrt 2018, 08:16

I strongly condemn the cowardly attack agains @LDPmk leader @MilevskiGoran in Macedonia. The political forces in Macedonia should publicly denounce the use of violence for expressing political disagreement. pic.twitter.com/SoBkDBRD44


Hans van Baalen (VVD) zo 25 mrt 2018, 18:15

Liberal International Bureau retreat in Potsdam: enhanced cooperation between LI - FNF - ALDE Party & ALDE Group in Africa and beyond. Liberals Must Unite! pic.twitter.com/S77ifbQVic


Hans van Baalen (VVD) do 22 mrt 2018, 21:20

If the UK citizens would change their position on EU membership I would fully welcome that! pic.twitter.com/icXzz3h39A

Hans van Baalen (@hansvanbaalen)

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