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Peter van Dalen (CU) wo 9 feb 2022, 13:59

+3Good meeting of the EP Friendship group #Artsakh with @davit_babayan .We will continue our support to @mfankr since e.g. the destruction of churches and cultural heritage by the brutal Azeri’s must stop! And Armenian #POW must be released


Thijs Reuten (PvdA) wo 21 jul 2021, 12:53

Fully understandable questions @Dimitrov_Nikola raises in article @brezaleksandar Solving this must be top priority @EU_Commission and @EU2021SI. I hope 🇲🇰 will become the example of what hard work, patience and dignity can deliver. #friendship #diversity­u…­


Samira Rafaela (D66) di 29 jun 2021, 17:07

Our Friendship Group of the OCTs is live! Thanks to our speakers @JuttaUrpilainen, @jolitaEU, Thierry Santa, Rasmus Wendt, and Luis Gonzalez for your engagement with, support for and commitment to strengthening the relationship between the EU and the OCTs.

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Samira Rafaela (D66) di 29 jun 2021, 16:27

During my election campaign, I pledged to represent the interests of the OCTs at the EU level. I carried this promise with me in my work in the European Parliament. Though the OCTs are geographically far away from the European continent, we are all connected within the same EU.


Kati Piri vr 12 mrt 2021, 11:22

Dear Başak,

Thank you for your friendship and your kind words!

I will continue the fight for human rights in Turkey and keep calling for the release of @hdpdemirtas 🌹💪

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Başak Demirtaş vr 12 mrt 2021, 11:13

Sevgili Kati Piri'ye Diyarbakır’dan selamlar.

Greetings to dear Kati Piri from Diyarbakir.


Sophie in 't Veld (D66) zo 24 jan 2021, 22:33

Sad news. Karl Erik Olsson was a convinced European, a robust and warm personality. He worked very hard to put Sweden at the heart of Europe in the early days. I owe my deep friendship with the @Centerpartiet to him. @kentjohanssonEU @MalmstromEU @ALDEParty @AbirAlsahlani

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Carl Bildt zo 24 jan 2021, 21:35

Jag är ledsen att höra att Karl Erik Olsson lämnat oss. Han var en god vän och uppskattad regeringskollega, alltid att lita på även när det blåste snålt och klar i sin övertygelse. Och stor Europavän.


Samira Rafaela (D66) wo 29 jan 2020, 20:00

We just had one of the most difficult votes in our political careers. It’s extremely sad.
The UK might be leaving the European Union now, but they cannot break our friendship.
We will come back stronger. Watch it. Thank you for following and supporting us. 🇬🇧🇪🇺 #Brexit


Sophie in 't Veld (D66) wo 29 jan 2020, 18:36

What an infinitely sad, painful and unnecessary goodbye to our British friends. Europe will miss you dearly, I will miss you dearly. But #Brexit cannot break our bond of friendship. We will cherish that bond and grow stronger together. We will #LeaveALightOn #Breturn 🇨🇰💚


Bert-Jan Ruissen (SGP) vr 1 nov 2019, 12:43

+3Veel belangstelling vanmiddag op onze afsluitende persconferentie in Taipei. We zien terug op een zeer geslaagd bezoek! Als Taiwan Friendship Group in het EP zetten we ons graag in voor intensivering van de samenwerking met Taiwan op diverse terreinen.


Bas Belder vr 28 jun 2019, 18:34

Address by H.E. Ambassador Aharon Leshno-Yaar at end of mandate Symposium on Israels value for Europe. Grateful for the collaboration and friendship over the past years. @SGPnieuws


Bas Belder ma 18 feb 2019, 10:06

Erkentelijk voor onderscheiding “Friendship Medal of Diplomacy” uit handen minister van Buitenlandse Zaken van Republiek China (Taiwan) Z.E. Jaushieh Joseph Wu.


Bas Belder do 10 jan 2019, 17:52

I wish you a lot of succes in EU Member State Romania
as the official representative of the Jewish State of Israel! I still cherish our cooperation and friendship in the past in the European Parliament.

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David Saranga do 10 jan 2019, 15:11

״שלום, שמי דוד סרנגה ואני שגריר #ישראל החדש ברומניה״ - בסרטון המצורף (כתוביות בעברית) אני מציג עצמי לציבור הרומני #רומניה­…­


Hans van Baalen di 4 dec 2018, 19:31

+1Today I was chairing the EP - Macedonian Friendship Group with Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov: when all is settled with the name issue in Skopje and Athens, EU accession talks should start mid 2019! #Macedonia 🇲🇰🇪🇺


Hans van Baalen wo 10 okt 2018, 09:32

Congratulations to Rob Jetten who succeeds D66 leader Alexander Pechtold as chair of the D66 group in the Dutch Parliament. Alexander: thanks for your friendship and support. Rob: welcome!


Marietje Schaake ma 8 okt 2018, 09:06

Goed dat je je hierin blijft vastbijten! Hoe zit het met CDA oud Senator Van der Linden en de Dutch-Azerbaijan Friendship Group? In mei nog ontvangen door Aliyev

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Pieter Omtzigt ma 8 okt 2018, 07:32

Vandaag ben ik bij de Raad van Europa in Straatsburg
Lees hier hoe we met een kleine groep niet corrupte politici erin geslaagd zijn een aantal corrupte politici hier tot aftrede te dwingen.
(ja ook uit mijn eigen fractie)…


Marietje Schaake vr 31 aug 2018, 17:46

This kind of friendship, and bipartisanship; respect for political office is something to cherish and be inspired by in these divisive times

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BBC News (World) vr 31 aug 2018, 17:26

"I always thought of John as a brother" - Joe Biden's moving eulogy for John McCain, his friend of more than 40 years

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Hans van Baalen di 17 jul 2018, 22:31

With FDP leader Christian Lindner (centre) and ALDE MEP colleague Wolf Klinz (right) in Washington DC during the transatlantic week: « US - EU is not dependent only on the US President. Together, the US and Europe will make our transatlantic friendship great again! »


Hans van Baalen vr 6 jul 2018, 08:47

Always a pleasure to enjoy lunch in Strasbourg with Sir Geoffrey van Orden MEP ECR and chair of the EP - Sri Lanka Friendship Group and Sri Lankan Ambassador at the EU H.E. Rodney Perera!


Hans van Baalen di 3 jul 2018, 19:08

Macedonian FM Nikola Dimitrov meeting EP-Macedonia Friendship Group with Butikofer (Greens) Stanishev (S&D) Tannock (ECR) McAllister (EPP) Dimitrov, Amb Popovska, Kovatchev (EPP) = Multi-party support for resolving name issue & getting it through national parliaments & referenda!


Hans van Baalen di 12 jun 2018, 19:46

As President of the « European Parliament - Friendship Group for Macedonia » I congratulate the Greek and Macedonian Governments with the historic deal on the name issue.


Hans van Baalen wo 7 mrt 2018, 16:55

Getting congratulations from Macedonian FM Nikola Dimitrov on taking over the presidency of the European Parliament - Macedonia Friendship Group: the name issue must be resolved and the democratic development in Macedonia must receive all parties’ support!


Marietje Schaake za 16 jun 2012, 15:35

“@TIME: "Common endeavors to gain peace will unite individuals and nations in trust & friendship" - Aung San Suu Kyi |


Marietje Schaake do 21 mei 2009, 23:28

Is eating ice cream with Ciler (Almond Toffee) and could not be happier. Seems like a good way to celebrate friendship :)

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