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Samira Rafaela (D66) wo 16 sep 2020, 10:29

I agree with @vonderleyen, the partnership with #Africa should be one of equals. ‘Africa will be a key partner in building the world we want to live in. On #Climate, #Trade and #Digital matters’ #SOTEU


Samira Rafaela (D66) ma 25 mei 2020, 13:13

On #AfricaDay I see a continent of enormous potential and ambition. Let us work as true equals to further advance the cooperation between the AU and EU. With the realisation of the African Continental Free Trade Area, much potential can be unlocked to bring us all forward.


Samira Rafaela (D66) ma 25 mei 2020, 12:47

Happy #Africaday! Op deze dag in 1963 ontstond de voorloper van de @_AfricanUnion. Dit najaar schreef ik over de toekomst van deze Afrikaanse Unie en welke rol de EU daarin moet spelen. Een hecht, gelijkwaardig partnerschap is hoognodig.… #AfricaDay2020


Samira Rafaela (D66) wo 15 jan 2020, 16:46

Had a productive exchange with Togolese Minister of Foreign Affairs and #ACP Chief Negotiator @rdussey. The #EU and #Africa have an enormous shared potential. As the @EP_Trade Post-Cotonou representative I am eager to work on a more equal partnership 💪🏽


Marietje Schaake di 11 jun 2019, 23:35

Great news, love is love 🏳️‍🌈 #Botswana #Africa

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AFP Africa di 11 jun 2019, 22:45

+1#Botswana scraps anti-gay laws in landmark decision greeted with joy by gay rights campaigners. At present 28 out of 49 countries in sub-Saharan #Africa , including Botswana, have laws penalising same-sex relationships, according to @hrw


Marietje Schaake wo 22 nov 2017, 22:39

RT @MarietjeSchaake: Always inspiring to hear the courageous and inspiring @DenisMukwege in European Parliament #humanrights #Africa https:…


Marietje Schaake wo 22 nov 2017, 18:10

Always inspiring to hear the courageous and inspiring @DenisMukwege in European Parliament #humanrights #Africa


Marietje Schaake ma 27 jan 2014, 11:07

“@OxbloodRuffin: How #Africa's mobile revolution is disrupting the continent… #Tech


Marietje Schaake za 28 dec 2013, 02:26

“@KGeorgievaEU: The real size of the African continent! #perspective #Africa MT @pierrehaski


Marietje Schaake za 9 feb 2013, 08:37

“@NewYorker: Last week, @EverydayAfrica took over our @Instagram, posting images from across the continent: #Africa


Gerben Jan Gerbrandy do 24 jan 2013, 08:17

Organising workshop on #wildlifecrime in EP Feb 27. Input welcome, also from #Africa, #Asia. @World_Wildlife @conservationorg @IUCN @unodc


Marietje Schaake di 15 jan 2013, 17:37

Orange and Baidu join hands in #Africa to develop a search engine


Marietje Schaake wo 31 okt 2012, 17:00

“@McAndrew RT @african_minute: good list RT @astroehlein: #Africa's top tweeters: political pioneers in digital debate


Gerben Jan Gerbrandy vr 26 okt 2012, 20:26

True heroes!! We should stop this!! RT @WWF deeply saddened by death of #Virunga Park protectors #Africa #SOCO #apes


Marietje Schaake wo 17 okt 2012, 05:18

“@Egyptocracy: UNESCO: A third of young people in Sub-Saharan #Africa fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work #humanrights


Marietje Schaake do 9 aug 2012, 11:55

“@VitalVoices: Knowing women are key to #Africa, @Forbes profiled Africa’s 20 Most Prominent Women in latest issue:


Marietje Schaake do 14 jun 2012, 20:56

“@weddady: WashPo: "US expands spying ops in #Africa" #sahel against #AQIM


Marietje Schaake di 13 mrt 2012, 21:28

RT @AlecJRoss 21st Century Statecraft: @StateDept is expanding its successful @TechWomen program to #Africa #gov20

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